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Our Story

The business was initially founded in 2017 by Cristina Velasquez and Isaias Garcia under the name "Garcia's Tailorshop." Since then, they both set forth their dream with a lot of effort and dedication.

Eventually, they expanded their services to offer Embroidery and Dry Cleaning in small quantities. Since then, three of their children have joined the excellence that Cristina and Isaias are known for. This addition has improved the business through the help of online tools, respect, and diligence.

Unfortunately, after being six years in business, the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a challenge for all of us. To help the public needs and protect our communities, we informed ourselves of the requirements for protective face masks. We started producing them individually and commercially for clinics, university staffs, local businesses, and our neighbors/customers in Inglewood.

Nonetheless, the virus had many negative effects which reached the owner of the building that we leased and had to move. Luckily, we were also expanding the business for a second location in Hawthorne, which now serves us as our only location and has been renamed to "Best Cleaners and Tailorshop."

Moving to a new location (which didn't have a good reputation) was challenging. However, the business' success is due to the approval of our loyal customers, many of whom have become friends that were eager to support us anywhere and refer their friends and family for great service, professional dry-cleaning, and tailoring.

Hence, we haven't lost any customers, but rather, we have gained a new supporting community of good neighbors in Hawthorne.

Our Team

Best Cleaners & Tailorshop has a great team of five in which every member is well equipped to assist you with dry-cleaning questions, or tailoring needs. However, each person brings a specialization for the business's success and different personalities that will make your visits enjoyable! From our family to yours, thank you for supporting local businesses.

1) Cristina Velasquez, Small things, come in small packages and Cristina is a good proof. She is a petite businesswoman with agile tailoring hands, friendly personality, and great expertise. She enjoys altering Jeans, skirts, and shirts. Weather you have those Jeans that look great, except for that bothersome gap in the waist; the sleeves of a shirt are too long, repairing of zippers or custom-made curtains/drapery; Cristina is the go-to for you! Everyone calls her "mama" and won't leave without a smile from her.
2) Isaias Garcia, Mr. Garcia knows all the tricks in tailoring, being born into a family of tailors and having 25 years providing his skills in Los Angeles and Houston, he is known by many customers and locals as “the master” or “el maestro”. He is known for his detailed excellence and jokes. Although he is not the main face, he is the backbone for his experience and long history of 5-star reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask for him if you have a pricy dress that requires complex alterations.
3) Sam Garcia, A people's person with great skills and communication for complex alterations and redesigning of clothes. With 6 years of experience in the leather industry, and 6 in the dry-cleaning business; He can help you recreate a boring item into a unique garment that will outshine the rest or restore your stained outfits back like new. When it comes to Slimming trousers, mending Jeans, and patches on leather vests/jackets he is our best!
4) Luis Garcia-Velasquez, Great customer service with 4 years of experience. He will be able to help you with trousers hem and slimming, T-shirt slimming, Fitting/Measurements guides for ordering clothes online and small repairs. Welcoming attitude, always ready to help you look your best, and get you out of clothing predicaments that you left for the last minute.
5) Ernesto Aguilar, Outgoing personality always eager to learn and continue polishing his skills. With 25 years of tailoring experience in Houston and now also with us in LA, he is an expert with complex jacket alterations such as reshaping/removing of shoulder pads, shortening torso, sleeves, or readjusting lapels. He can also bring your ideas to life as he assists us with custom-made garments which we accept in a case-to-case basis. If you have a great idea for an outfit, feel free to consult with us, your idea will be in the best hands!

Custom Made Suits

custom made suits custom made suits


    Expect more from your tailor shop. Expect the best! We offer nothing less at Best Cleaners & Tailor Shop in Hawthorne, CA. Our top-tier services and friendly staff will gladly consult, explain alterations, and care for your clothing.
    We want you to feel welcomed and to look your BEST! Our experienced tailors provide professional alterations to make all your clothes fit as though they were originally made just for you.
    However, we can also make something just for you as we offer custom made suits for men. We have catalogs where you can choose from a great variety of fabrics, colors, and designs for each personality and look.
    You won’t be disappointed with our competitive prices and great quality. Whether you need alterations, a custom fitting to order the right size online, or dry cleaning of your favorite outfit, our staff is more than up to the task.
    Our family-owned business specializes in clothing alterations and detailed dry cleaning. Proudly serving the community of Hawthorne, Gardena, Inglewood, and surrounding areas. We also plan to offer online services soon.
    Count on us when it comes to your favorite garments. For affordable dry cleaning, professional tailoring, custom made suits, and more, visit Best Cleaners & Tailor Shop in Hawthorne, CA.
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Our Services

Tailored (Custom-Made) Suits for Men

For those special occasions where you want to stand out and wear something unique and personalized, we offer custom made suits for men. The process takes between 2-3 weeks.

During your first visit we will take your full body measurements and show you popular designs or listen to your specific requests if you already have something in mind.

The next step is to choose from various fabric and color swatches for shirts, pants, jackets, ties, and handkerchiefs. Once you have chosen the pattern, color, fabric, and style is your turn to sit back and let us do our magic.

Our custom-made suits range from $750 for pants/jacket to $1500 for a full set which includes shirt, pants, jacket, and tie. Prices may vary by design, fabric type, or time allotted. Every suit comes guaranteed and any additional alterations are covered by your original price.

Tailoring and Alterations

If you need alterations, you’ve come to the right place! Our tailors have years of experience being able to customize garments like jackets, leather vests, wedding gowns, sequin dresses. No matter how complex the area is, our tailors can adjust sleeves, shoulders, hems, zippers, and craft the perfect fit.

While other places will make do with few sewing machines, they might leave your clothes ruined, with a noticeable finish, wrong color thread, or different seams. Contrastingly, we pride ourselves in making seamless alterations as we are well equipped with every sewing machine to recreate any seam and to handle any fabric. Alterations may involve cutting or reshaping garments or drapery to adjust to your wanted size; Adding extra fabric for tight fits or removing of excess fabric to get a slim look.

Examples: Hemming pants that fit long; shortening the sleeves of a jacket; slimming down a dress or shirt, adding a corset to a dress, etc.

Dry cleaning
Dry Cleaning

Leave your most fragile garments to our professional dry cleaners. Best Cleaners & Tailor Shop provides affordable, reliable dry cleaning that gives your favorite articles the attention they deserve. We clean your garments with organic solvents and mixtures, without using water, to slow down color fading, prevent degradation, and prolong the life of your clothes unlike simple machine washing in bulk. Although we pride ourselves on the detail and effort we give to each garment, we are well known for:
1. Dry Cleaning for Leather Garments [2-weeks process as we treat leather to restore shine and texture]
2. Dry Cleaning for Wedding Gowns [2-week process, can be boxed for preservation with an additional fee]
3. Dry Cleaning for Tuxedos, coats, bridesmaid dresses.
4. Dry cleaning for Curtains, Shoes, Drapery, tablecloths along with small repairs, replacement of buttons, snaps, sewing of patches, darning or ripped garments, etc.
5. Dry Cleaning of uniforms with military creases, nursing uniforms, security uniforms, sheriff’s & police person’s uniforms.


There is nothing more annoying than waiting a long time to receive that awesome outfit that you ordered online. You have been daily tracking your delivery, and after a long time of waiting it was finally delivered at your door. You get home very excited and open the box just to find out you can’t fit in it; you got the wrong size! Worst yet, it was a final sale, and you won’t get your money back.

Save yourself time, disappointment, and money by consulting with us before ordering clothes online. We provide full body measurements to ensure that you won’t receive a child size, a size too large that might require many alterations, or a long time to reorder a different size.

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best cleaners & tailor shop is amazing! they fixed my suit perfectly when I took it there at the last minute before a wedding. the staff were helpful and quick. would recommend to anyone who needs their clothes cleaned or tailored!

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star star star star star

I highly recommend Best Cleaners & Tailor Shop. I've been using their business for about two years now, and they are the absolute best cleaners/tailors that I've ever dealt with. The service they offer is top-notch, and the people who work there are all very professional. They will treat you like family. Please, do yourself a favor, pay them a visit, and you'll see what all the praise is about.

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